Alex Waddell

Alex Waddel
Director of Growth and Capability,
Sigmoid Curve Consulting Group

Honoree Year: 2020

Alma Mater:

Auckland University of Technology

AUT Business School

New Zealand

Area of Impact:

Mentorship or Leadership


Alex Waddell is a partner and director of Sigmoid Consulting Limited, a human resource consultancy focused on leadership and change management at large global organizations. Part of Waddell’s role is to research academic studies and practitioner papers on the future trends of leadership, organizational development, change management, and diversity and inclusion. His findings are then used with clients and incorporated in their training programs.

Through his work experience, combined with his business education, Waddell has also created training manuals on organizational learning, having co-authored two books: The Six Elements of Effective Listening and Building a High-Performing Learning Team. He also co-created Coach 2 Coach, mobile coaching app for mangers who need coaching assistance when dealing with difficult workplace situations. In addition, Waddell has produced and directed videos available on YouTube to help equip viewers with the tools and frameworks to become more effective leaders. These videos have been very effective, with some reaching over 14,000 views.

Waddell has further applied his leadership and coaching capabilities as a committee member of the New Zealand alumni chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma (BGS)—the international business honor society that recognizes top-performing students at business schools accredited by AACSB. While the New Zealand chapter has existed for a number of years, it saw little growth and development during that time. Over the last two years, Waddell has devoted a considerable portion of time and money to growing the value proposition and brand of BGS in New Zealand and internationally.

His efforts and numerous successful initiatives have been recognized by BGS International with the Outstanding Alumni Chapter Member for 2019 award. Through his BGS service, Waddell has also built strong relations with Auckland University and Auckland University of Technology (AUT). Through these relationships, he has been able to secure access for BGS members’ attendance at industry conferences, workshops, and presentations, enabling members to grow in their professional careers and their personal lives.

Through leading BGS New Zealand, Waddell has also inspired future business leaders by providing graduates with opportunities they would not have had access to without his efforts. One example is with a newly inducted BGS member, Nischay, who came to New Zealand from India to continue his business studies and gain more international business experience. He was highly successful in India, where he transformed his family electronics business to become the third largest e-commerce store in the country.

However, six months after completing his studies in New Zealand, Nischay could not secure a job. His father gave him a time limit of one month before he needed to return to India and work in the family company. Having become a recent BGS member, Nischay reached out to Waddell to see if there were other options to break into the New Zealand job market. Taking Nischay’s story, Waddell promoted Nischay online and through various social media channels. Within one week, Nischay had made the necessary connections to secure a full-time job. Through Nischay’s experience with Waddell, he now educates other recent business graduates on how anything is possible with the power of networks like BGS.


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