Kiyo Ogushi

Kiyo Ogushi

President and CEO, Fuji Xerox Learning Institute, Inc.

Honoree Year:

Alma Mater:
International University of Japan
Graduate School of International Management

Area of Impact:
Mentorship or Leadership

Through research and coaching, Kiyo Ogushi identifies and inspires new leaders and enables their continuous development.

Kiyo Ogushi has 24 years of experience in leadership and organizational development, change management initiatives, and talent development. Her talent development experience includes assessment as well as developing survey tools and training programs. Her work lives on through the various programs being implemented by the next group of coaches.

After graduating with an MBA from the International University of Japan in 1992, Ogushi joined Management Service Center, specializing in leadership and communication skills training, including implementing the leadership program she was instrumental in developing.

In 1996, Ogushi moved on to Fuji Xerox Learning Institute and helped accelerate the company’s new consulting approach. Her career advanced to heading up change management consulting, including vision and policy deployment for her clients. She performed strategy research and worked to develop a strategy execution survey to be used as a consulting tool. Before becoming president and CEO, Ogushi headed research and product development and ran the consulting services for the institute. Ogushi currently manages business strategy and corporate operations for the institute. As a highly experienced executive consultant, she also provides executive coaching, assessment, and leadership development educational programs. Through these activities, she is active in creating and promoting healthy work environments and developing leadership skills.

Ogushi’s educational and training consulting expertise has touched many Japanese corporate leaders, helping them to reach global standards of management and leadership skills. Similarly, she is a role model for the next generation of coaches and trainers, helping their careers to flourish. Also, as a president and CEO of a company in Japan, she is able to inspire other Japanese female staff to become leaders in their fields.

In her coaching and training capacity, Ogushi uses a co-active approach that helps clients become aware of the source of their behaviors. She believes that people can change themselves and exert their positive energy when they become more aware of themselves and the need for any self-transformation to reach their goals.

Through this process, Ogushi is directly inspiring and motivating young people to reach their potential. Her work encourages female managers to take senior management responsibilities and female future leaders to identify their strengths and developmental areas to succeed in their careers. She also inspires managers to develop their leadership competencies to prepare for the next stage in their career, and encourages internal coaches to enhance their abilities to provide feedback to their team members.

Ogushi’s coaching also helps motivate senior management to be more effective and more supportive of their staff, which, in turn, helps the staff be more effective and motivated employees. She motivates executives to change their management style to build a new corporate culture and to identify their strengths and development areas for more effective leadership. Finally, she enables senior managers to increase their performance in newly assigned areas.


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