Alberto Durán López

President, Illunion

Honoree Year: 2016

Alma Mater:

IESE Business School


Area of Impact:

Healthcare or Wellness


As president of ILUNION, Alberto Durán López serves as the visionary and guide behind one of the world’s best examples of how a social market economy can meets its commitment to corporate social responsibility and to quality—maintaining a balance between profit and social values.

Specifically, ILUNION is the socially responsible corporate group owned by ONCE, and the ONCE Foundation, each of which are focused on providing employment opportunities for professionals who are visually impaired or have other disabilities. Through its unique world model ILUNION provides comprehensive labor solutions to corporations by incorporating skilled workers, and the “design for all” concept throughout its value chain, thus providing clients with a social plus, widely acknowledged by society.

As identified by the World Health Organization, over one billion people—nearly 15 percent of the world’s population—are currently estimated to be living with a disability. Globally, as one of the most frequently overlooked minority groups, people with disabilities constitute as one of societies most untapped and underutilized sources of talent for employment. Too often obstacles such as lack of accessible environments, (e.g. stairs without ramps or lifts), non-inclusive or discriminatory policies, or even procedures or unrealized practices prevent very talented individuals from entering the work-force.

With nearly three decades of expertise, a rebranded ILUNION serves as Spain’s social business leader and advocate for the inclusion of people with disabilities into the workforce. By offering more than 50 lines of business, ILUNION carries out activities in five distinct divisions: integral services; health and social care; consultancy; hotels and tourism; and leisure and marketing. In Spain, they are leaders in the technology and accessibility sector and in the sector of industrial laundry. Through these lines, ILUNION is able to employ more than 31,000 individuals, of which 32 percent have a disability, and 60 percent are women.

Present in the entire Spanish geography, with over 474 working centers, ILUNION’s products and services are tailored to the special needs of each and every client. Such numbers and results demonstrate that through training and employment, the integration of people with disabilities in the workplace represents a good opportunity for innovation in the management of diversity and talent.

The name ILUNION was born from the words hope (or ilusión in Spanish), unity (or unión in Spanish), and the concept of solidarity. With a focus on improving the quality of life of people with disabilities, and their families, this spirit is carried forth across its mission, vision, and values. 

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