The Effect of Nationalism on Global Business Education

Dean Jerker Moodysson of Jönköping International Business School explores the recent rise of nationalism and how this trend may potentially impact business education around the world.


The Effect of Nationalism on Global Business Education

Jerker Moodysson: [00:24] Living in Sweden, as I do, it's a little bit different still compared to many other European countries. We are, I would say, a few years behind in this development of xenophobia and populism and so on, but we are getting there and that's a big problem.

[00:36] My school is heavily dependent on foreign students. More than half of our students are non Swedes, so of course, this will affect us in the future. I think that what we can do as a school...

[00:52] One important task for a business school or any school is to represent a counter force to populism, and to make sure that we provide knowledge to society and that we are agile in doing so.

[01:10] I think that a large explanation to this development is disrespect for knowledge, and as a result of that, disrespect for other humans. think that we have an important role to play there.

Filmed February 2017 on site at AACSB's Deans Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.