AACSB Addressing Challenges in Management Education

October 2015

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Highlights from this Segment

  • AACSB is currently going through a strategic planning process, which will determine what we need to do to support schools, based on the vision for management education and for businesses. Some objectives include the following:
    • Help schools do a better job telling the story of how they are a force for good in society, such as in our recent Influential Leaders Challenge
    • Let prospective students know why they should to attend an AACSB-accredited school
    • Form closer connections with business practice and inform HR/talent development professionals of why they should be hired by AACSB institutions
    • Become even more global than we have become in the last decade by sharing great things being done by schools in other parts of world
    • Help share effective practices currently in place at our member schools, so other schools can benefit from the great jobs those schools are doing in communities and with business advisory councils