Cesim is the world's leading provider of multilingual, multidisciplinary business simulations. We help educators improve student engagement and employability with a portfolio of fun, easy-to-use simulations. Schools in more than 40 countries are already improving their learner success with Cesim simulations.

Cesim was born 25 years ago from the realization that business and management was learned in silos. Learners seldom got to experience competitive dynamics, the interactions between different functions, or what it means to cope with uncertainty. The theoretical foundation of the business simulation methodology is experiential learning, and our mission is to make this available and affordable to the widest possible audience with relevant content.

In 2002 Cesim became the first company in the world to introduce fully browser-based and scalable online business simulations. Currently we have a strong portfolio of simulations in 10 languages for strategy, international business, marketing, project management, small business, and several industry-specific simulations like banking, hospitality, and retail that have been developed through collaboration with industry partners. In addition to higher education, we also work closely with industry, and continuously provide simulation-based solutions for talent development needs.

One of the key features valued by our adopters include individual decisions and results for each student, creating a transparent and accountable learning environment where everyone can participate hands-on. Instructors can also create and modify their own cases on our platform, follow student activity through the logs, plus assign quizzes and peer evaluations. And of course, our simulations are competitive - participants make decisions that influence their competitors and vice versa. This means that every cohort has its own unique results, and no two courses will be the same.

The most recent, and ongoing, effort is revamping our portfolio to include relevant sustainability decisions and metrics. Currently, our strategy and international business simulation Cesim Global Challenge includes environmental, social, and governance decisions that students can experience and use to incorporate sustainable business principles into their strategy. Cesim Global Challenge and other Cesim simulations are WCAG 2.0 compliant.

User Experience: Cesim Business Simulation in a Capstone Course

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