Capsim develops immersive, science-backed simulation platforms that help business instructors engage students with real-world learning experiences. From team-based business strategy simulations to self-directed day-in-the-life microsimulations—Capsim provides the tools needed to meaningfully measure and develop the critical skills students need to succeed in today's dynamic and competitive business world.

The job is tough for the modern business instructor. You're responsible for giving students the knowledge and skills needed to succeed at the next stage of their careers. But relying solely on knowledge-based instructional methods isn't enough to get the job done. While they are great at establishing foundational concepts, they leave learners unengaged and unprepared to apply that knowledge to real-world situations. But it doesn't have to be that way.

With Capsim's simulations, you can quickly turn essential concepts into immersive, web-based experiences that measure and develop critical skills in a real-world context. Our business simulations give students a platform to work in teams on a company–making strategic, cross-functional decisions to grow their business in a competitive and dynamic market. In comparison, our inbox microsimulations give students a familiar email environment to work in a company–providing a day-in-the-life experience to assess critical career skills as students navigate real-life situations.

Whether you're looking to improve student engagement and development or gain meaningful data for Assurance of Learning — Capsim's suite of simulation-based platforms offers a powerful and fun experience to bring learning to life. 

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