Virtual Assurance of Learning Seminar II

8–10 November 2021 | Virtual Offering | Asia Pacific


Each day 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm SGT
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 Lesson Day One
  • Introductions and Objectives
  • Module: Where Am I Relative to Other Systems?
  • Module: What Is a Mature AoL System?
  • Module: From Mission to Measurement
  • Summary of Lesson One
 Lesson Day Two
  • Review of Lesson One
  • Module: Data Collection
  • Module: Using Data to Close the Loop
  • Module: Identifying Improvements
  • Summary of Lesson Two
 Lesson Day Three
  • Review of Lesson Two
  • Module: Demonstrating Closing the Loop
  • Module: Encouraging Faculty Ownership of AoL
  • Module: Preparing for the Peer Review Team Visit
  • Summary of Lesson Three