Virtual Assurance of Learning
Seminar II

12–14 August 2020 | Virtual Offering | Asia Pacific and EMEA

Access Information & FAQs

Virtual seminars are 100 percent online with the content delivered in a series of one to three three-hour synchronous (live) sessions. Features of virtual seminars include:

  • Virtual facilitation by subject matter experts delivered across one to three days in subsequent and synchronous lessons for up to 25 participants
  • Content including a combination of pre-work, recorded videos, breakout sessions, group interactions, and participant guide
  • Engagement and interaction opportunities with facilitator(s) and participants throughout the live lessons via facilitated discussion, polling, individual work, and group and break-out work
  • Delivery through a learning management system (LMS), D2L's Brightspace
  • An email will be sent to you prior to the live seminar lessons. This will include a link to log in and create a user-profile in the virtual seminar
  • Additionally, you will have access to a tutorial on how to fully participate in a virtual seminar
  • Similar to an in-person seminar, you will be provided with a participant guide which will be used throughout the live sessions

Each virtual seminar had a web page with navigation tabs on the left of the screen. Here you can find the agenda, facilitators, and other details.

Once registered, you will have access to the specific virtual seminar community on the AACSB Exchange. The participation roster and participation tutorial are located here.

Yes. Programming has been structured for a global audience, with virtual seminars offered in multiple time zones. Lesson times are posted on each virtual seminar page. Additionally, lessons will be recorded for participants to watch after the event for 30 days. You may access a time zone converter for agenda.

Yes, the seminar will consist of a series of 3-hour lessons broken up into modules over two or three days. You will have to attend the lessons that coincide with your seminar.

Yes. Additionally, most lessons will be recorded and available for 30 days after the event for registered participants. You will be able to view all the lessons—those you attended during the event dates as well as those you did not attend.

Materials will be posted in the LMS, Brightspace, prior to the event. Access will be provided prior to the event for pre-work and after the event for (for up to 30 days).

Yes, the virtual seminars are designed to be interactive and you are encouraged to share, ask questions, and participate.

No. For every paid registrant to attend virtually, only one device will be permitted for use in entering the virtual seminar.

Yes, you will receive a certificate upon completion of the lessons and seminar evaluation.

Please send additional questions to

No, you can only attend the lessons for the virtual seminar that you are registered for. Regardless of time zone, you cannot choose to attend lessons within another offering.

Best Technical Practices for a Great Experience

Check your computer for updates before the seminar to ensure you don't run into any technical issues during your attendance.

Always refresh the page if having any issues.

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • NOTE: Internet Explorer is NOT supported

Desktop computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone

  • Log out of your VPN access to allow more bandwidth
  • Close all other applications, including Outlook, while participating in the seminar. Having only the web browser open for the seminar will allow your system to run more smoothly
  • While we understand this is easier said than done, eliminating distractions will ensure you get the most out of your virtual seminar experience.
  • If available, plug ethernet cable (wired line) into your computer to ensure a much better internet connection than Wi-Fi