Engagement, Innovation, and Impact Seminar

18 June 2020 | Singapore

Engagement, Innovation, and Impact Seminar

18 June 2020 | Singapore – CANCELED 

AACSB is committed to providing a safe environment for event attendees, volunteers, members, and staff globally. In response to COVID-19, and to protect the health of all involved, the Engagement, Innovation, and Impact Seminar in Singapore has been canceled. 

The Impact Forum has been reinvented to include all three themes of AACSB International Accreditation; Engagement, Innovation, and Impact. It is one thing to know that a business school must define and demonstrate engagement, innovation, and impact but understanding what those processes entail and “how to tell your school’s story” is a different matter altogether. If you find yourself with more questions than answers on how to assess your school’s activities, in regards to the three themes, then you will benefit from this seminar. This highly interactive forum will help you develop a comprehensive approach to enhancing and demonstrating engagement, innovation, and impact based on your school’s unique mission and community of stakeholders. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to compare your school’s engagement, innovation, and impact assessment methods with those of other attendees and explore data from a variety of sources.

Learning Objectives

  • Define engagement, innovation, and impact within the context of your school’s mission
  • Understand how stakeholders drive engagement, innovation, and impact
  • Measure engagement, innovation, and impact through qualitative and quantitative methods
  • Develop effective strategies to overcome the challenges related to engagement, innovation, and impact

Who Should Attend

Deans, administrators, research directors/coordinators, and those responsible for managing and demonstrating engagement, innovation, and impact at one’s school. Individuals who are new to engagement, innovation, and impact, and those who are newly added to a committee on enhancing, developing, and demonstrating engagement, innovation, and impact are also encouraged to attend.


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