2021 Global Governance Summit: Re-engineering Governance for Good

5 August 2021 | Virtual

Login Instructions

Registered attendees will receive an email from “AACSB International < no-reply@hopin.com >” prior to the event. This email will include your unique access link. Click the Accept Registration button in the email to enter the conference.

Yes, please review the time zones listed on the agenda. In addition, you may access a time zone converter here. We have made considerations in scheduling our programming to serve the needs of our broad, globally based audience as much as possible. 

Yes, just as if you were attending the summit in person, you can select which sessions you’d like to attend live within a given time block.

Yes, you can submit your questions in the chat box in each session, which will be reviewed by a moderator and shared with the speakers.

No, only one device per registered attendee will be allowed to access the virtual summit. Registered attendees will receive an email from “AACSB International < no-reply@hopin.com >” prior to the event. This email will include your unique access link.

As with all AACSB events, materials will be posted in the AACSB Exchange Community as they become available from speakers.

There are many ways to network and engage with your colleagues during the virtual conference.

  • At any time during the conference, you can select the Speed Networking tab within the virtual conference platform to be randomly paired with another conference attendee. You can then meet using video and audio for up to three minutes and elect to click “Connect” and share your contact information with one another. The virtual conference platform will then keep track of all your connections.
  • You can also conduct one-on-one meetings with audio and video using the Attendee tab to directly reach out to another conference attendee or speaker and request a private meeting. This can also be utilized to follow up with your Speed Networking conversation should you wish to continue meeting.
  • The chat box will always be accessible to discuss and connect with attendees and speakers.
  • The Exhibitor Showcase tab allows you to connect by viewing exhibitor videos, access resources, and utilize the one-to-one chat function to meet with exhibitors.
  • As with our AACSB in-person events you can always connect with fellow colleagues through the AACSB Exchange Community .

Technical—Best Practices for a Great Experience:

Check your computer for updates before the conference to ensure you don’t run into any technical issues during your attendance.

Always refresh the page if having any issues.

  • Google Chrome is highly recommended to participate in the summit. Prior to the summit make sure Google Chrome is up to date. You can confirm this within Google Chrome by clicking on the three dots in the right-hand corner, clicking Help and clicking About Google Chrome.

We recommend participating via computer but using Google Chrome on a tablet or smartphone will also work.

An internet speed of 5 mbps download and 2 mbps upload is recommended but ideally would be 30mbps download and 10mbps upload or higher for best quality. You can check your internet speed here.

If available, plug your ethernet cable (wired line) into your computer to ensure a better internet connection than Wi-Fi.

Close all other applications, including Outlook, while participating in the summit. This will allow your system to run more smoothly.

While we understand this is easier said than done, eliminating distractions will ensure you get the most out of your virtual summit experience.

Please email events@aacsb.edu to assist you further.