Online Teaching: Presence and Engagement

March 9 - 22, 2020 | Online

Online Teaching: Presence and Engagement


In Online Teaching: Presence and Engagement, you will learn techniques for increasing your personal presence within the online environment by establishing learning experiences which meet the needs and expectations of you and your students. You will learn how to foster clear channels of communication that consider the needs of various stakeholders and how to address the three types of presence: teaching, cognitive, and social. Emphasis will be given toward methods of engaging various learning styles in a focused manner to provide equal opportunities for all students to excel. You will also learn various methods for expanding engagement and interaction between yourself, your students, and their peers. Following a brief review of the concept and importance of student engagement, special attention will be given to ways instructors can create online content that facilitates students’ engagement with the subject matter and one another. You will experience online activities that offer opportunities for greater student engagement, as well as tips, tricks and resources that will help instructors (re-)design their courses to foster student engagement.

Topics for Discussion:

  • Setting up student expectations
  • Communication of expectations
  • Establishing presence
  • Motivation through learning style
  • Fostering collaboration
  • Student/faculty interaction
  • Student/student interaction
  • Group work
  • Responding to class size
  • Developing mentors and connecting with coaches

Learning Objectives

  1. Increase instructor (personal) presence within digital mediums
  2. Develop strategies to promote student engagement and motivation through individual and collective interaction 

Course Schedule

March 9-22, 2020 

Average length of time to complete this course is between two and three hours , depending upon attendee's level of engagement.

Who Should Attend

This online course is for faculty members interested in teaching courses in online, blended, and/or hybrid settings.


This cohort-based learning experience is delivered via the Brightspace learning platform and includes synchronous and asynchronous activities that apply concepts through content presentation, direct exercises, discussions, and reflections.

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