The Art of Principles-Based Standards Webinar Series

November, 2020 | Online

The Art of Principles-Based Standards Webinar Series

Learn from the experts: what do the newly approved 2020 business accreditation standards mean for your school? AACSB executive leadership (and the creators of the standards) will conduct a series of three webinars on key insights into standards 3–9. Learn how to implement these more flexible and outcomes-focused standards at your school, and more about the spirit and intent of the standards before your next visit. Bring your questions about achieving quality through these principles-based standards and telling your school’s story to peer review teams to this free webinar series.

Focusing on Standards 3-9, this webinar series flows from the discussion of Standards 1 and 2 recently presented at the Global Accreditation Conference.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the principles-based elements of the new business accreditation standards (Standards 3-9)
  • Describe how to implement the standards at your institution;
  • Explain how quality can be assured through the principles-based context of the standards;
  • Discuss how the peer review teams will assess schools on the standards with a more flexible and outcomes-focused orientation;
  • Ask questions that address your school’s circumstances relative to Standards 3-9.

Who Should Attend:

This webinar is open to any AACSB member school wanting to learn about the new principle-based standards.

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