AACSB and UNIMED Collaborative Sessions – Driving Collaboration Between Universities in the Mediterranean Region


AACSB and UNIMED Collaborative Sessions – Driving Collaboration Between Universities in the Mediterranean Region


AACSB and UNIMED have teamed up to co-host various sessions aimed at encouraging the exchange of ideas and best practices across the Mediterranean region. The sessions will create a platform and bring together members from these two prestigious educational networks. AACSB is the world’s oldest and largest business school association with 1,650+ members across 103 territories and is aimed at driving quality assurance, innovation, and collaboration across the business education sector. UNIMED (Mediterranean Universities Union) is a group of 130 top universities from 23 countries across the Mediterranean region and beyond. The union aims to promote research and training in the Euro-Mediterranean region to contribute to scientific, cultural, social, and economic cooperation. The first two sessions will be on the following topics:

Main Session Topics

Session 1: 'The role of business and management higher education in aiding economic recovery and development'

Wednesday, 7 October 2020 11:00-12:00 (CEST)

In this first session, our speakers will highlight some of the initiatives taken by their business schools/faculties at working with government, local and national businesses, and non-profit organizations in order to lead and contribute to economic recovery following times of crisis. The discussion will then be opened up to the floor for the participants to also share their views and ideas. 

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Session 2: 'Strategic planning for Mediterranean higher education institutions in times of crisis'

Wednesday, 14 October 2020 – 11:00-12:00 (CEST)

Following on from the first session, the second discussion will be centered around how universities and business schools in the Mediterranean region have successfully executed and pivoted their institutional strategies to react as a result of an economic, political or humanitarian crisis. Before opening up the discussion to the floor, our invited speakers will highlight some of the successes and failures of their strategic planning process and execution in times of crisis. 


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Who Should Attend

We would like to welcome all representatives from educational institutions across the Mediterranean region to participate in this series of virtual sessions.The institution must be a member of either AACSB or UNIMED.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or issues, please don’t hesitate to contact Richard Magennis, Manager – Membership from AACSB, or Ludovica de Benedetti, Outreach and Comms Officer from UNIMED.