Virtual Seminar Frequently Asked Questions
Virtual seminars are fully online with the content delivered via synchronous (live) sessions. Features of virtual seminars include:
  • Virtual facilitation by subject matter experts delivered across 1-4 days. Content may include pre-work, recorded videos, live breakout sessions, live group interactions, and participant materials 
  • Engagement and interaction opportunities with facilitator(s) and participants throughout the live lessons via facilitated discussion, polling, individual work, and group work
  • Access to materials and Zoom links will be provided through a Learning Management System (LMS), the AACSB Learning Portal.
An email will be sent to you within one week prior to the seminar start date. This will include pre-seminar instructions and a link to log in to the LMS using your myAACSB email address and password.
Check your spam or junk folders for the email from [email protected]. If you cannot find the email, please use this link:
Each virtual seminar has a web page with navigation tabs on the left of the screen. Here you can find the agenda, facilitators, and other details. 

Virtual seminars are offered in multiple time zones to accommodate the global audience with lessons times posted on each virtual seminar web page. Choose the regional virtual seminar that best fits your time zone. You may access a time zone converter for agenda here.

Once you have access to the LMS, it is highly recommended that you set your preferred time zone. To set your preferred time zone:

1. On the minibar, click your username.
2. Click Account Settings.
3. From the Continent drop-down menu, select your continent.
4. From the Time Zone drop-down menu, select your preferred time zone.
5. Click Save.

Materials will be posted in the LMS. Prior to the event, the LMS will be available (pre-work, access to materials, etc.) and will continue for 180 days after the event concludes. 
Live attendance is not required but is encouraged. At the conclusion of each lesson, recordings will be available for viewing (not downloadable) within three hours.
Yes, the virtual seminars are designed to be interactive, and you will be able to share, ask questions, and participate via chat box, audio and/or camera.
Participants are encouraged to be on camera at certain times such as during introductions and breakout sessions.
No. For every paid registrant to attend virtually, only one device will be permitted for use in entering the virtual seminar.
Upon completion of the virtual seminar components, including the seminar evaluation, participants have the option to download a certificate through the LMS.
No, you can only attend the lessons for the virtual seminar that you are registered for. Regardless of time zone, you cannot choose to attend lessons within another offering.

Check your computer for updates before the seminar to ensure you do not run into any technical issues during your attendance. 

Always refresh your page if having any issues. 

Chrome (download the latest version here) or Firefox (download the latest version here).

NOTE: Internet Explorer is NOT supported. 

Desktop computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone (using the internet browser listed above).

An internet speed of 5 mbps download and 2 mbps upload is recommended but ideally would be 30mbps download and 10mbps upload or higher for best quality. You can check your internet speed here.

If available, plug an ethernet cable (wired line) into your computer to ensure a better internet connection than Wi-Fi.

Close all other applications, including Outlook, while participating in the conference. This will allow your system to run more smoothly.