Durable Skills: What Industry Needs From Our Learners

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March 27
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This webinar will take place from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Eastern Time. 

In a world with rapidly changing technology, the fear of job elimination increases and humans seek a way to stand out against technology. Durable skills are the interpersonal skills that can make humans indispensable and a key asset to the workforce. While recruiters seek candidates with durable skills, these skills aren't always taught in the classroom due to being challenging to measure. So, what is the best way to select and prepare learners with the right skill set industry is seeking and what jobs are in demand for durable skills? Join this webinar to learn how business schools need to be thinking about looking at these skills right from admissions and preparing their learners all the way to graduation, and hear the industry perspective on why durable skills are highly sought after.


Ronan-GruenbaumRonan Gruenbaum, Global Director of Undergraduate Learning and Development, Hult International Business School

Ronan Gruenbaum is Global Director of Undergraduate Learning and Development for Hult International Business School, responsible for developing and building the Bachelor of Business Administration program to ensure a consistently high quality and holistic learning experience for all students that best prepares them for the world of work or further study. Prior to this, Ronan was Dean of the London Undergraduate campus for six years, joining Hult in 2011 on the postgraduate campus as a full-time professor of marketing and technology and later as Associate Dean. Ronan joined Hult after a career specializing in digital marketing, social technologies, online learning and e-communications; publishing a book on “Making Social Technologies Work: Leveraging the Power and Managing Perils of Social Technologies in Business” (2015) and a chapter on the "Future of Education" (2009) with Palgrave Macmillan. Ronan also lived and worked in Barcelona for 12 years.

blythe_kladneyBlythe Kladney, Chief Curriculum Officer for Deloitte's Future of Work Institute

Blythe is passionate about creating environments for all people to thrive in the future of work. As the Chief Curriculum Officer for Deloitte's Future of Work Institute, she designs multiple microcredentials for learners at different periods of their career paths where disruption can happen. She works closely with her higher education and post-secondary education clients to reimagine how to support students as they enter ever-evolving work worlds and design higher education institutions of the future that partner robust academic programming with real time skills development. Outside of her professional life, Blythe is a 200hr eRYT and leads meditation and yoga trainings and retreats around the world. She is fluent in Italian and Spanish and has a working knowledge of German.

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