Global Diversity and Inclusion Conference (Virtual)

December 15​ – 17​, 2021
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Perspectives of Diversity Equity, Inclusion and Belonging: Viewpoints of HBCUs, HSIs and TCUs. This session is intended to provide a looking glass that will allow academicians to see what diversity looks like and what might be learned from Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Hispanic Serving Institutions, and Tribal Colleges and Universities. Ironically, these institution types are very sparsely represented in the higher education literature and research on diversity. The unique identity of these institutions and the characteristics of the population of students that they serve present distinct issues and opportunities related diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. Therefore, there is much to be discovered from exploring the experiences of students, faculty, staff and administrators on these campuses.
Andrzejewski, Susan
Interim Dean, California State University Channel Island
Gomez-Arias, Tomas
Dean, California State University Stanislaus
Guzman, Emily
Director of Diversity and Inclusion, North Carolina Central University
James, Matrecia S.
Dean, St. Bonaventure University
Kennedy, Deanna
Associate Professor, University of Washington Bothell
In this session we will discuss the drivers of change to infuse more D&I expectations in the 2020 standards. Blane Ruschak and Marie Zara from the PhD Project will also share some important information/data with new deans regarding diversity issues, discuss how to communicate the importance of changes to the standards, and challenges of recruitment & retention of diverse faculty.
Cheney, Austin
Dean, Eastern Illinois University
Mintz, Suzanne
Vice President of Accreditation
Rosa, Jose A.
Professor of Marketing, Iowa State University
Rosenbaum, Mark S.
Ruschak, Blane
President, KPMG US Foundation and PhD Project
Zara, Marie
Director of Advancement, The PhD Project
This year’s AACSB Diversity and Inclusion Conference aims in part, to “explore how schools and organizations… are delivering learning that fits the cultural landscape in which they operate.” Is your institution in or located near an urban center with a population of 250,000 or greater? If so, we’d like you to be part of an interactive discussion which will focus on 2 key questions: Since the start of the pandemic, what trends have you seen related to the diversity and/or inclusion efforts of your Business School? In your leadership role, what do you feel are the most important challenges facing Metropolitan Business Schools? Please join the Steering Committee of the Metropolitan Business Schools Affinity Group in an open forum providing an opportunity for networking as well as idea sharing, related to the topics above.
Devasagayam, Raj
Dean, Monmouth University
Devos, Erik
Associate Dean for Faculty Development, University of Texas El Paso
Fatzinger, James
Tenure Track Faculty MMIB, Eastern Kentucky University and President Kentucky Fulbright Association
Hershatter, Andrea
Senior Associate Dean and Director, BBA Program, Emory University
Orman, Wafa H.
Associate Dean, University of Alabama Huntsville
Sheather, Simon
Dean, University of Kentucky
Veltri, Natasha
Associate Dean & Professor, Information and Technology Management, University of Tampa
Encouraging diverse and representative perspectives in online and blended management education: The Online Learning Affinity Group aims to be a highly participative forum for sharing ideas and expertise on various issues and topics in online and blended learning. In this session, we will host a facilitated discussion on Diversity and Inclusion in online and blended management education from multiple perspectives. The session will include discussion on the following topic choices, in two breakout rooms: Breakout 1) Encouraging diverse/representative perspectives at the leadership and teaching level: •Best practice / ideas / innovations / challenges •Leading with vision, mission, and values that emphasize that we’re not born into a “type” •Creating and supporting formal groups that support different perspectives •Recruiting faculty and students to the institution and the groups Breakout 2) Encouraging diverse/representative perspectives at the learning level: •Developing student interaction skills to work with others, accept diverse perspectives •Practices that welcome and enable student sense of belonging •How we introduce our course topics to students - focus on passion/choice/preference rather than whether students were created/born to be good at something
Session Presenter
Garfinkel, Jon
Professor of Finance, University of Iowa
Killian, Ginger
Associate Professor of Marketing, Rollins College
Means, Tawnya S.
Asst. Dean for Educational Innovation, Chief Learning Officer, Univ. of Illinois Urbana Champaign
Tipi, Lucian
Head of Teaching and Learning Enhancement, Sheffield Hallam University,
This panel discussion will center on the impact Covid has had in the following areas: 1) What your school learned about your students and faculty as a result of Covid? 2) What are your 'new' best practices? What are you going to stop doing? 3) What does student engagement look like now, and going forward? 4) What is your 'new normal' with regard to class scheduling/modalities?
Beldona, Sri
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, University of Dallas
Bell, Greg
Associate Dean, Faculty Affairs, University of Dallas
Gee, Michele V.
Interim Dean, University of Wisconsin-Parkside
Matthews, Claire D.
Director, Academic Quality, Massey University
Misra, Kaustav
Associate Dean, School of Business, Central Connecticut State University
This session will share insights into how data-led student recruitment strategies have led to above sector recruitment of students from lower socio-economic backgrounds in line with widening participation ethos. Presenters will share institutional and school level approaches, including student support and developing inclusive culture to narrow the gaps in student success between students from higher and lower socio-economic backgrounds
Granger, Liz
Head of Widening Participation Team and Public Engagement, University of Central Lancashire
Passi, Pradeep
Director of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, University of Central Lancashire
This session will share ideas that work to help you in attracting and retaining diverse faculty to your unit. Faculty are seeking the destination where they can be successful in pursuing their goals. Academic institutions and units have their unique attributes and features. Learn how you can leverage your distinctive strengths in the market for faculty talent instead of adopting the “copy and paste” approach that might not work for you. Discuss how your unit can work together to create a welcoming environment where all faculty feel empowered to thrive.
Brown-Liburd, Helen
Associate Professor, Rutgers-The State University of New Jersey-Newark/New Brunswick
Joe, Jennifer
Professor, University of Delaware
How does an organization ensure its governance and DEIB strategy is appropriate and sensitive to its context? How do you ensure that your governance structure will deliver change across large and complex organizations? How do you consider all stakeholders when developing policy and designing governance structures? This session will share how others are successfully squaring policy with a pluralistic culture.
Blancero, Donna Maria
Provost and VP of Academic Affairs, Bentley University
Idigbe, Ifeoma I
Finance and Business Analyst (Independent Consultant)
Iñiguez de Onzoño, Santiago
Executive President, IE University
This session explores the process behind building a thoughtful approach to DEIB into an organization’s strategic planning, with a panel discussion addressing success factors and lessons learned. Caryn Beck-Dudley, AACSB’s President and CEO, will discuss the philosophy and development of AACSB’s new positioning paper, and business school deans will present examples of successful, university-wide initiatives supporting DEIB. Join us to learn how others are working to overcome common DEIB challenges as it relates to their staff, students, faculty, and alum, and how AACSB supports schools on this journey – now and in the future.
Alcantara, Lailani Laynesa
Dean, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, and Managing Director, Center for Inclusive Leadership
Beck-Dudley, Caryn L.
President & CEO
Wailes, Nick
Senior Deputy Dean (External Engagement) and Director AGSM, UNSW Sydney
Kamel, Sherif H.
Dean, School of Business, The American University in Cairo
McAuliffe, Eileen
Dean, Sheffield Hallam University
Mintz, Suzanne
Vice President of Accreditation
This panel session will explore how international companies develop inclusive initiatives, including design, implementation, and assessment. Speakers will also share ideas and insights around what they look for when hiring talent and recruiting from schools. This session was organized by Maryam Alavi, Dean, Scheller College of Business.
Alavi, Maryam
Dean, Scheller College of Business, Georgia Institute of Technology
Session Presenter
Black, Ashley
Director-DEI Equity Strategies, Delta Air Lines
Chandele, Tapaswee
Global Vice President of Talent & Development, The Coca-Cola Company
Charles, Kelie
Senior Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, The Home Depot
This session will discuss managing political extremism on campus and ideas to encourage dialogue over entrenched political views. Presenters will share best practices in responding to social justice issues and navigating growing political divides and political correctness.
Lewis, Nakeisha
Associate Dean, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Ambassador, University of St. Thomas-Minnesota
Zmokhol, Fouad
Dean, Université Saint Joseph de Beyrouth
Courageous Conversations are designed to offer an opportunity for us to discuss tough issues and common challenges in confidence with one another. The discussion, to be held in confidence and not recorded, will focus on two topics: first, the sincerity of diversity and inclusion training, and two, managing raw emotions on campus or in the workplace.
This session will focus on illustrating diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging as it relates to making positive societal impact (AACSB Business Accreditation Standard 9). Presenters will share ideas for social entrepreneurship and examples of how schools can successfully support socioeconomic diversity.
Evans, Michelle
Associate Professor, Management and Marketing, University of Melbourne
Williamson, Ian O.
This session will share how schools can collaborate with industry, governance, and non-profit organizations to bring together diverse perspectives to redefine challenges and present unique solutions.
Alavi, Maryam
Dean, Scheller College of Business, Georgia Institute of Technology
Session Presenter
Schmidlkofer, Sue
Global Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, UPS
This session will explore globalization effects on student recruitment and retainment. Join us to learn how international influence affects various organizations differently in the spheres of campus culture and learner success.
Chang, Kabrina
Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Boston University
Zhang, Fuqiang
Dean, College of Business, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
In collaboration with members of the graduate and business education communities, ETS is developing solutions that can help improve program and student success from recruitment through employment. Learn about groundbreaking innovations, such as the GradSchoolMatch platform, and get a sneak peek of what’s coming next.
Session Presenter
Jimenez, Walter
Senior Director of Product Management | Global Higher Education, ETS
This session will focus on the ways organizations can maximize climate surveys, focus groups and talent reviews to establish feedback loops on DEI initiatives and strategies. We will discuss the value of both qualitative and quantitative data in setting DEI goals, developing DEI strategies and measuring the impact of new policies and practices. Areas of discussion will include Employee Resource Groups, activating on commemorative DEI initiatives and programs as well as tracking the learning and development of an organization when it comes to DEI themes. Measuring impact also includes the leadership structure of an organization in order to have DEI baked in for lasting, equitable and trackable progress.
Adkerson, Carolyn
Vice President, Ellavate Solutions
Haileyesus, Hildana
DEI Consultant, Ellavate Solutions
Washington, Ella
Professor of Practice, Georgetown University
This session will explore how schools and organizations can determine what competencies are necessary for their leaders to have, and how they can develop a pipeline of inclusively minded professionals.
Blancero, Donna Maria
Provost and VP of Academic Affairs, Bentley University
Keynote Presenter
Drake, Terrill L.
Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, Harvard University