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Networking Community Types

These groups, led by AACSB volunteers, comprise members from throughout the Business Education Alliance and focus on a topic or discipline and its associated professional responsibilities or interests. Each group is formally structured with bylaws, a leadership structure, and regular meetings that occur in conjunction with most AACSB conferences.

To join an affinity group, email us at [email protected] with the name of the group or groups you’d like to join, and one of our global team members will notify you with access.

  • Associate Deans Affinity Group
  • Business Librarians and Research Centers Affinity Group 
  • Development Professionals Affinity Group
  • Digital Transformation Affinity Group
  • Diversity and Inclusion Affinity Group
  • Entrepreneurship Programs Affinity Group
  • Graduate Business Education Affinity Group
  • Marketing and Communications Council Affinity Group
  • MBA for Working Professionals Affinity Group
  • Metropolitan Business Schools Affinity Group
  • New Deans Affinity Group
  • Online Learning Affinity Group
  • Responsible Management Education Affinity Group
  • Small Schools Network Affinity Group
  • Women Administrators in Management Education 

These communities are a mix of AACSB-founded groups and outside organizations that are available exclusively online via the AACSB Exchange. The groups meet to discuss trending topics and focused issues.

To join a virtual community, log in to the AACSB Exchange (member-only benefit) using the link provided next to each community description. Once logged in to the Exchange, click the blue “Join Community” button located to the right of the community name.

Need help? Contact us at [email protected] so one of our global team members can assist you.

  • DataDirect Users Group
    Anyone interested in DataDirect’s capabilities can join this community to ask questions, share tips, make suggestions, and discuss anything about our reports, benchmarking, and survey tools. Log in to Join
  • Societal Impact 
    Aspire this community to be a hub for AACSB staff and members to collaborate, discuss, share insights on societal impact within business education and the business community at large. Log in to Join
  • DocNet
    Members of this group are dedicated to facilitating quality improvement and marketing in doctoral education in business. Individuals must belong to AACSB-accredited institutions that offer doctoral degree programs in business and management; up to two representatives per institution, representing both staff and faculty, may join. Log in to Join
  • Quality Assurance Professionals and Accreditation Support
    This digital platform connects representatives of member organizations responsible for quality assurance and accreditation efforts at their institutions to share best practices and resources. Log in to Join
  • Technology in Business Schools Roundtable 
    Member representatives in this group are in a technology leadership position within their business or management school or are the central IT leader responsible for their institution's business or management school. Log in to Join
  • Young Schools
    Young business schools (less than 20 years old) connect with their peers worldwide to share accreditation-related and continuous improvement concerns and/or experiences, contribute their thoughts and ideas to the discussions, and exchange best practices and resources with their peers. Log in to Join
  • Assessment
    Learn more about assessment and assurance of learning from your peers. Members are encouraged to explore the resources and discussions available, contribute their thoughts to the discussions and share resources with your peers. Log in to Join
  • Business Analytics and Big Data
    Key issues today deal with organizing and managing massive volumes of data effectively, with the evolution of analytics techniques and software tools to support complex analytical processes, and with how business analytics impacts and changes business organizations and their competitive situations. This Community will address these and related issues. Log in to Join
  • Business Libraries and Research Centers
    A new and open channel in which a wide range of relevant topics are discussed including, but not limited to, the licensing and access models of electronic resources, research data management, journal rankings and business models, library support of the P&T process, information literacy principles and practices, and even outreach and marketing of library resources. Log in to Join
  • Impact of Research
    Share knowledge and ideas on impact of research, both academic impact and managerial impact. It encourages the discussion on quality and relevance of knowledge produced in international business schools. We invite members of this community to actively share new documents and views on the topic of impact. Log in to Join
  • Internationalization
    Internationalization of business education faces an unprecedented and unpredictable future in a world facing multiple challenges including the pandemic and geo-political uncertainties. This forum serves to connect academicians and administrators in exploring and encouraging discussions, best practices and ideas on internationalization of business education through programs and partnerships both at home and abroad for the benefit of all our stakeholders. This group is a place for Deans, Associate Deans, Assistant Deans, Program Directors, and Coordinators who have specific responsibility for planning, managing and executing international programs and partnerships. Log in to Join
  • MBA Directors Network
    This community is open to all AACSB members with an interest in topics pertaining to MBA programs including, but not limited to, curricula, program development, disruption, and specialized MBAs. Log in to Join

These networks are led by AACSB volunteers and include individuals from specific regions. Network membership is limited to representatives of AACSB member institutions located within the respective region and populated automatically according to the country in which you are located.

To update your organization and/or address on your AACSB account, log in to my.aacsb.edu and update your AACSB account profile details.

  • Asia Pacific Network
    Representatives of AACSB member institutions share information and best practices in quality business research and education in the region and provide the Asia Pacific Advisory Council with issues that it might deliberate on and, at their discretion, bring to the attention of AACSB.Go to Exchange Community
  • European Network
    Representatives of AACSB member institutions from European countries discuss topics related to business education of great importance or unique to the region.Go to Exchange Community
  • Latin America and Caribbean Network
    Representatives of member institutions in the region, or others with interest in regional collaboration, share best practices and resources. Postings in Spanish and Portuguese are welcome and highly encouraged. This network is open to representatives residing outside of the region and will also serve as support to the Latin America and Caribbean Advisory Council. Go to Exchange Community
  • Middle East and North Africa Network
    Members of this group share information and best practices in quality business education and focus primarily on facilitating collaborative opportunities within the region. Further, this group raises issues that the Middle East and North Africa Advisory Council might deliberate on and, at their discretion, bring to the attention of AACSB. Go to Exchange Community
Ready to Join a Networking Community?
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