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FAQs - Dues and Fees
The total costs of the accreditation process will vary, depending on a variety of factors. There are, of course, the standard accreditation and membership fees that are paid by the school when they are seeking accreditation including: annual membership dues, one-time eligibility application submission fee, one-time IAC acceptance fee, annual accreditation fees, and a one-time initial accreditation application fee (see accreditation fees). In addition, there are costs associated with aligning with AACSB standards. Examples include: the hiring of faculty, implementation of systems and processes to ensure continuous improvement, hiring professional staff, etc.

The school will also be required to incur all travel costs of the mentor (mentor will visit at least once, often more) and typically three peer review team members for the peer review team visit. Often the peer review team chair will visit the school once before the visit (although not required) and then a three person team will visit the school for the review. In the case of a deferral, the school will need to have a second visit, with two team members. It is difficult to estimate these travel costs, as they will depend on the distance the members of the team have to travel and the number of visits they make to the school. Learn more about AACSB travel policy and expenses.

Learn more about AACSB membership dues.
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