Accounting Accreditation Policy Committee (AAPC)


The Accounting Accreditation Policy Committee (AAPC) fulfills six primary roles:
  • Determines policies, processes and practices specific to accounting accreditation not otherwise designated in the Policy Governance Manual;
  • Engages thought leaders from the Innovation Committee, the Business Practices Advisory Council and the accounting professional community in advancing accounting accreditation;
  • Recommends changes in the Accounting Accreditation Standards to the Board;
  • Authorizes changes in the accounting accreditation eligibility criteria, Accreditation Standards interpretive material, and accreditation processes related to accounting accreditation and quality assurance services;
  • Coordinates the work of the Accounting Accreditation Committee; and
  • Coordinates activities and polices with the Business Accreditation Policy Committee.


AAPC consists of up to 15 members appointed by the AACSB Vice Chair-Chair Elect (who shall preside as Board Chair during the year for which the appointments are made) to include:
  • Chair and Vice Chair of the Accounting Accreditation Committee.
  • Two members from the AACSB Board of Directors, Innovations Committee and/or Business Practices Council.
  • Additional members representing both the academic and professional accounting communities in roughly equal proportion.
  • The Vice Chair-Chair Elect shall designate an AAPC Chair and Vice Chair from among the AAPC members.
  • To ensure continuity, AAPC members may be reappointed for up to four consecutive one-year terms.


Marc Rubin, Miami University  

Vice Chair

Tracey Golden, American Institute of CPAs
Yvonne L. Hinson, American Accounting Association 


Kevin L. James, North Carolina AT&T State University
Nicole T. Jenkins, University of Virginia-McIntire
Bette M. Kozlowski, KPMG
Patrick Lytle, SM Energy Company
Eileen McAuliffe, Birmingham City University
Gary McGill, University of Florida
Brian L. McGuire, University of Southern Indiana
Gary Peters, University of Arkansas
D. Scott Showalter, North Carolina State University

Ex Officio

Lily Bi, AACSB International

Staff Liaison

Stephanie Bryant ([email protected]