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Mission statement (2018) Through its “Unframed Thinking” positioning, its market-driven, differentiated educational programs, and its emphasis on pedagogical innovation, Rennes School of Business seeks to prepare its students and participants to become innovative and responsible managers in a global environment. These managers are trained to become responsible pioneers, shaped and sharpened by multicultural contexts, through a life-long and multicultural human experience. Through its “Unframed Thinking” positioning and its human capital, Rennes School of Business seeks to add value to external stakeholders by undertaking and disseminating research in key areas of excellence relevant to corporate organisations and managers, and by responding to the needs and building partnerships with corporate organisations in its community.

Rennes School of Business is considered to be the most international School of Management in Europe. With 95% of faculty members being non-French, 55% foreign students, classes in English and a network of more than 300 partner universities worldwide, Rennes School of Business gives the students a unique opportunity to learn in a continuous international environment from first year to graduation.

Thinking beyond the frame opens one’s mind towards other cultures. More than just introducing our students to the world, we bring it to them. We turn education into a true exchange. Thinking beyond the frame means learning differently, striving differently. Exploring new fields, looking for answers to tomorrow’s questions, designing a future that is a future that’s more inventive, more creative, and in the end, more human. Now more than ever, the world belongs to the open-minded.

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Rennes School of Business
CS 76522
2 rue Robert D'Arbrissel
35065 , France
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Finance and Banking, Marketing, Purchasing and Supply Chain
Accounting, Management Control and Auditing
Business Analytics
Creative Project Management, Culture and Design
Creative Project Management, Culture, Design
Data and Business Analytics
Digital Business Management
Financial Data Intelligence
Geopolitics and Business
Global Business Management
Global Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, AI-Enhanced Business
Impactful International Operations
Innovation and Artificial Intelligence in Business
Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Innovation, Entrepreneurship
Insightful and Managerial Leadership
International Accounting, Management Control, Auditing
International Finance
International Human Resource Management
International Negotiation and Business Development
International Negotiation, Business Development
Luxury Marketing and Brand Management
New Business Development Manager
Retail and Business Development
Sports and Tourism Management
Sports Management, Tourism Management
Strategic and Digital Marketing
Strategic Marketing / Digital Marketing
Strategic Watch and Influence
Supply Chain Management
Sustainable Management , Eco Innovation
Sustainable Management and Eco-Innovation
Artificial Intelligence
Data Science and AI
Green Digital / Demand-Driven Supply Chain Management