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The School of Management at National Central University, founded on August 1, 1985. The College consists of the Department of Business Administration, Department of Information Management, Department of Finance, Department of Economics, Graduate Institute of Industrial Economics, Graduate Institute of Human Resource Management, Graduate Institute of Industrial Management, Graduate Institute of Accounting, Executive MBA Program (EMBA), Enterprise Resource Planning Center, and Computer Center of School of Management. The SOM is dedicated to academic research and developing management education that is both adapted to local culture and globally connected.

Department of Business Administration places particular emphasis on course instruction in English and in establishing a quality learning environment for studying Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in response to the trends of internationalization, the digitalization of business administration and corporate sustainability. Department of Information Management’s objective is to bring the students to the forefront of knowledge in management information systems (MIS), and to advance research in theories, methodologies, and practices of information systems with the educational mindset of scientific professionalism and humanistic values. Department of Economics designed its curriculum to focus on theoretical cultivation, and in recent years, has been further modified to be more diversified and flexible in accordance with students’ employment trends and practical demands in the job market. Department of Finance established the Executive MBA program in 2001 emphasizing the complementary use of in-service education and traditional teaching methods.

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