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To actively promote the comprehensive development of the countries served, educating leaders in key sectors by improving their practices, attitudes, and values: Through research, teaching and the dissemination of modern managerial concepts and techniques. By strengthening analytical capabilities and comprehension of economic, social, and political phenomena. By promoting dialogue, understanding and cooperation amongst individuals, sectors, and countries.

INCAE is a world-class business school founded in 1964 with the support of visionary leaders in American business, President John F. Kennedy and Harvard University. It is a place to meet and educate business leaders. A place where students gain awareness of issues specific to the region, due in large part to the cultural diversity among students and faculty. Graduates can begin their careers as competent individuals with applied knowledge and an international perspective. The purpose of INCAE has been very clear: to actively promote the development of the countries it serves, forming senior leaders for roles in key sectors. At INCAE most of the classes are taught by a Ph.D. professors from the best universities in the world, and work full-time at INCAE’s MBA programs (an average of one professor for every four students). A participant-focused teaching method is used to encourage a comprehensive learning experience through discussion, group work, simulations and self-training activities. Students are provided extensive training in case resolution and decision making through the Case Study Method, which encourages and promotes self-knowledge, allowing the participants to evaluate their own skills. Through analysis and discussion of actual business situations and challenges, students strengthen their ability to sculpt and scrutinize an argument.

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INCAE Business School
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