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We exist to provide an exceptional learning experience ---through excellent education, quality research, and close engagement with the community--- that transforms our students into innovative business professionals who will contribute to the development of Kuwait. Excellent education: By holistically developing our students, providing them with relevant, current, and practice-based curricula, delivered through innovative methods that emphasize skill building and use of technology. Quality research: By providing a research-friendly environment. We require faculty to publish in journals approved by Kuwait University's research sector, and reward faculty publishing in high quality journals. Close engagement with community: By offering our students opportunities with the business community through internships, competitions, and invited speaker series. We provide support to Kuwaiti entities, especially SMEs, through consulting projects. Exceptional learning experience: By using active learning methods, student mentoring, service learning, exchange programs, and co-curricular activities. Innovative business professionals: By nurturing our students to be creative, articulate, ethical, socially responsible, and professional.


The College of Business Administration proudly represents Kuwait University's flagship of Administrative Sciences. Its mandate has been to create future generations of innovative business professionals who will meet the demands of the current century with confidence, creativity, and cutting edge knowledge--in the fields of finance, economics, marketing, accounting, management, operations and supply chain management, management information systems, and public administration--to participate in the life of Kuwait's modern corporations with responsibility and vision as a force for good. The College of Business Administration's purpose is to educate, train and inspire students to realize their full potential through self-discovery, connection to community, meaningful work, love of learning, and a life of purpose as both Kuwaiti professional and global citizens. To this end, the college is equipped with the latest smart technology, and training methods to ensure that its graduates are ready to meet the demands of the market place with confidence and know how. In that regard, the College of Business Administration's Center of Excellence in Management represents a powerful learning tool providing leadership to other faculties at Kuwait University in the areas of research and training. In addition to our undergraduate programs, the school offers three graduate programs: MBA, masters of economics, and masters of accounting.


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