Lily Bi

President and Chief Executive Officer

Lily Bi, President and CEO, AACSB International. 2023Lily Bi, president and CEO of AACSB International, is a dynamic leader championing the organization's gold standard of excellence in business education. As the principal ambassador for AACSB, which was established in 1916, Bi engages with a diverse array of global stakeholders to advance the mission of elevating the quality and impact of business schools worldwide.

With over 30 years of expertise in strategy setting, global growth and development, audit, and technology innovation, Bi has held executive positions across various industries and regions, including the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), Kirin Holding Company in Japan, and Mizuho Bank in Singapore.

Bi holds a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), an MBA, and both master's and bachelor's degrees in computer science. She is fluent in English, Japanese, and Chinese, which significantly enhances her leadership capabilities in a global context. Her extensive international and multi-industry experience uniquely positions her to drive AACSB’s mission forward.


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