The world’s thirst for education, economic development, and quality of life has never been greater. In recognition of this, business schools are being called to transform to address the needs of the students they educate and the industries they serve.

This is a vision for a future where business schools are the drivers of change. Where business schools change the narrative about the role of business education, and of business, in society. By collaborating with business schools, corporate leaders, and industry, AACSB is exploring how to best prepare the business leaders and innovators of tomorrow and asking its members and the business education community:

What Will Your Business School Be?

A Collective Vision For Business Education

This report outlines the most common threads uniting the needs and aspirations of many different stakeholders of business education—employers of various sectors and industries, academics, and a range of organizations representing individuals who believe that business is a worthy profession and a social institution that is a force for good in the world. These opportunities are as much about seizing upon existing strengths as they are about evolving in new directions. They are opportunities for business schools to thrive.

Opportunities for Business Schools

Co-Creators of Knowledge Catalysts for Innovation Hubs of Life-Long Learning Leaders on Leadership Enablers of Global Prosperity

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How We’ll Get There

Through business school leadership in these five areas of opportunity, higher education will innovate. Business education will thrive. Business itself will transform and prosper. And the world will reap the benefits.

With this vision as a framework, business schools will create value for society in areas that stretch the boundaries of the ways they have traditionally defined themselves.

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The Journey To A Collective Vision

This vision emerged through the active engagement and idea sharing of those who wanted a framework for doing more than just talking about what is changing in business and higher education. The multi-year process sought to identify the most vital opportunities for business schools based on hundreds of articles and reports about the shifting roles of business in society and the evolving expectations of business education. This work includes objective research, constructive criticism, and thoughtful reflection on business schools.

It is through a collective effort that this vision has emerged, and that the framework will succeed as a guide for business schools to thrive in the years ahead. Share your perspective on the vision via Twitter by using the hashtag #AACSBenvisions or by emailing us at vision@aacsb.edu.