Global Salary Survey Report

This popular report provides detailed, global statistical information on business school faculty and administrative salaries by rank/position, field, accreditation status, and institutional control. This report is available from 2005 through present.

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AACSB Member Access and Customization
Educational members that participated in the Global Salary Survey may download the full report through DataDirect. Business members at the sustaining level (full access), executive level (overview reports for most recent survey), and business level (one overview report annually by request) may also access the report through DataDirect. This report can be customized to provide detailed statistical data regarding business school faculty salaries by rank/position and field for up to 50 institutions. The customization also provides separate data for new hires and salaries for up to 22 administrative positions.

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Non-AACSB Members
This report is available to non-members for purchase. Select a report below to purchase.

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