Educational Membership Dues

Through your AACSB membership dues, all affiliates at your your school will receive all member benefits and discounts. 

Annual Membership Dues (Membership effective July 01 - June 30)

Educational Institutions: 3,300 USD

New Member Dues Rates

New member dues rates are calculated pro rata at the time of requesting membership.  Following is the monthly dues fee schedule:

  • July: 3,300 USD
  • August: 3,025 USD
  • September: 2,750 USD
  • October: 2,475 USD
  • November: 2,200 USD
  • December: 1,925 USD
  • January: 1,650 USD
  • February: 1,375 USD
  • March: 1,175 USD

During the membership renewal period (April-June), new member initial dues are extended rates for membership effective through June 30th of the following year:

  • April: 4,125 USD (15 months of membership)
  • May: 3,850 USD (14 months of membership)
  • June: 3,575 USD (13 months of membership)

>View Accreditation Fees

Accessing Your Invoices and Receipts

Membership dues are invoiced annually.  Invoice distribution occurs in April/May and are due to be paid in full no later than June 1st for the upcoming year's membership. Dues can be paid online or with a downloadable PDF form. Your timely payment supports the resources, services, and products that members receive.

> Download PDF Invoice/Receipt Form (Login Required)*

> Pay Invoices Online

*Please Note: Only the official representative (dean or chief officer of the member organization), and those official contacts previously designated, can access the organization's invoices and receipts.

To view or download invoices or receipts:

  • Login.
  • In your myAACSB profile click on My Organization Information then click View Organization Transactions.
  • Click "Print Invoice" or "Print Receipt" to download and print a PDF of the appropriate invoice or receipt.

For assistance and questions, email: or call + 1 813 769 6500 USA.