AACSB International maintains the most comprehensive database on business schools in the world. The tables, charts, and references herein are designed to address frequent data requests, and provide a general overview of global management education.

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11,532 total collaborations were reported in the 2014–15 Collaborations Survey. The 2015–16 Collaborations Survey is now open for participation. Add your input today!

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Within this recently released case guide, you will find five examples of use scenarios for DataDirect. Each case provides a high-level look at some of the functions available to members and those who participate in AACSB’s annual surveys.

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The Effect (Or Not) of Institutional Control on Starting Salaries
by Colin Nelson

By far one of the most popular queries we here at AACSB receive is regarding information about how a degree from an AACSB-accredited school contributes to the career of those who receive it. As we prepare to release the data from the 2015-16 iteration of the AACSB BSQ Employment Module survey, I thought I might treat our readers to a preview of the data that can help to shed light on that question.
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Tenure Trends in Full-time Faculty
by Colin Nelson

Much has been said (or misstated) about systems of academic tenure in higher education. One of the more popular narratives is that tenure as an established practice is on its way out, for better or for worse. Since AACSB International tracks the numbers of full-time faculty who are tenured, tenure-track, or non-tenure-track in the annual Business School Questionnaire (BSQ), I thought it might be instructive to examine trends over time to see if our data bear out the popular narrative.
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