AACSB Volunteer Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time commitment?

The time commitment varies depending upon the type of volunteer opportunity. Because we all lead busy lives and some have more time than others at various points in their year/career, we offer volunteer opportunities that range from a time commitment of a few hours to a multi-year assignment.

Can I volunteer in my own country?

This depends upon the specific volunteer opportunity. For accreditation volunteering, the answer is generally no, with the exception of the United States and Canada where one cannot volunteer in one’s own state. For other opportunities such as the Country Profiles Project, publications contributions, or speaker related, to name a few, one can certainly volunteer in one’s own country.

What if I don’t volunteer? Is it expected from all schools?

Volunteering is not expected, but rather encouraged based on one’s own individual expertise, interest, and time availability.

What are the minimum requirements per volunteer role?

See the volunteer opportunities web page for details on each volunteer opportunity.

Do I get paid?

Most volunteer opportunities are not compensated. There are a few that reimburse for any expenses incurred, and some that may offer an honorarium.

How many volunteer assignments can I have (min and max)?

This depends on one’s own individual expertise, interest and time availability.

What do I get in return?

Becoming active in the AACSB community offers much to volunteers in terms of knowledge gained, contacts made, ideas and innovations learned, and global impact had. We continuously hear comments such as “volunteering has made me a better dean/administrator”, “I’ve been able to take ideas that I’ve gained through volunteering back home to my own institution and implement new things there”, and “I’m able to have an international impact and make international contacts via volunteering.”

Do I get a training? Do I need to pass a test before being a volunteer?

There are various ways to prepare for a volunteer assignment. Depending on the specific volunteer opportunity, there may be training, abstract submittal, or specific background experience and/or title requirements.