AACSB Global Seminars

Join a limited number of participants in discussions regarding a particular, focused topic in an intimate classroom or online setting. Define, refine, and implement your (or your institution’s) goals over a one-to five-day period.

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Seminars by Topic

Accreditation, Quality Assurance, and Impact

> Accounting Accreditation Seminar
> Advisory Council Seminar
> Assurance of Learning Seminar I
   Formerly known as Assessment Seminar and Assurance of Learning Seminar
> Assurance of Learning Seminar II
   Formerly known as Applied Assessment Seminar and Applied Assurance of Learning Seminar
> Business Accreditation Seminar
> Continuous Improvement Review Seminar
> Impact Forum
   Formerly known as Enhancing and Measuring Impact Forum

Professional Development

> Associate Deans Seminar – New!
> Bridge Programs
> Department Chairs Seminar
> Leading in the Academic EnterpriseTM Series
> Lessons for Aspiring Deans Seminar
> New Deans Seminar
> Seminar for New Associate Deans

Curriculum Development

> Critical Thinking
> Data Analytics – New!
> Supply Chain Management
> Project Based Experiential Learning
> Globalizing the Business Curriculum
> Leadership
> Teaching Design for Creativity and Innovation

Pedagogy Development & Online Learning

> Online and Blended Education Seminar
> Online Teaching Effectiveness Seminar (eLearning) – New!
> Teaching Effectiveness Seminar – Newly Redesigned!
> Teaching Effectiveness Seminar in Latin America