AACSB Global Seminars

Join a limited number of participants to discuss and focus on a particular topic in a classroom or online setting. Define, refine, and implement your (or your institution’s) goals typically over a one-day or two-day period.

For more information on the seminars, please contact seminars@aacsb.edu.

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Seminars by Topic

Accreditation, Quality Assurance, and Impact Accreditation, Quality Assurance, and Impact

Accounting Accreditation Seminar

Advisory Council Seminar

Assurance of Learning Seminar I

Assurance of Learning Seminar II

Business Accreditation Seminar

Continuous Improvement Review Seminar

Impact Forum
Formerly known as Enhancing and Measuring Impact Forum

New! Strategic Management Seminar

Professional Development Professional Development

New! Associate Deans Seminar

Bridge Programs

Department Chairs Seminar

Leading in the Academic Enterprise® Series

Lessons for Aspiring Deans Seminar

New Deans Seminar

Seminar for New Associate Deans

Curriculum Development Curriculum Development Series

Critical Thinking

New! Data Analytics

Globalizing the Business Curriculum


Project Based Experiential Learning

Supply Chain Management

Teaching Design for Creativity and Innovation

Pedagogy Development & Online Learning Pedagogy Development & Online Learning

Online and Blended Education Seminar

New! Online Teaching Effectiveness Seminar (eLearning)

Newly Redesigned! Teaching Effectiveness Seminar

Teaching Effectiveness Seminar (En Español)