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AACSB’s Business Education Alliance
a movement of collective strength and connected wisdom

 AACSB’s Business Education Alliance is a membership movement that comprises of institutions and collegiate schools of business, as well as corporate, nonprofit, and public-sector organizations dedicated to sharing knowledge and best practices that accelerate innovation in business education.

As part of the Business Education Alliance, businesses can acquire—and share—insights that improve the quality of business education worldwide. Working closely with prominent business educators can help shape the future of business education, ensuring that the world’s best institutions continue to graduate high-potential leaders who can contribute to a prosperous workforce.

Industry leaders from around the world benefit from the Business Education Alliance by:

  • Strengthening corporate training and development programs through best practices in education
  • Working with educators to define the skills and knowledge necessary for graduates to lead in a changing and diverse business environment
  • Establishing partnerships with business educators and researchers to address the needs of the community, the industry, and the world
  • Building relationships with business schools to enhance visibility among prospective recruits and alumni
  • Networking with our global membership of business school deans and corporate leaders to develop your products and services to more effectively meet the needs of the marketplace

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Benefits for All Categories of Membership

  • Networking opportunities with business schools in more than 90 countries and regions.
  • Access to the AACSB Exchange—the member-only community featuring the membership directory, discussion forums, document sharing, and more.
  • Subscriptions to print and digital editions of BizEd magazine and LINK (an online newsletter).
  • Access determined by category of membership, to members only web resources, including aggregate key data and statistics through DataDirect.
  • Exclusive invitation to the annual Deans Conference.
  • Valuable discounts worth more than 4,000 USD annually.
  • One time, complimentary use mail list of AACSB educational members.

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Categories of Business Membership

Visit the links below to explore benefits for each membership category.

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All business member categories receive the benefits listed above, in addition to extra benefits corresponding to each level.

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