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AACSB collects data on business school activity priorities. In his latest blog post on the Data & Research Blog, Colin Nelson explores the relationship between these priorities and the gender balance among faculty. He found that both the mean and median percentage of female faculty are largest among schools that regard teaching as their sole high priority activity and lowest among schools that hold intellectual contributions as their sole high priority activity. 

Survey Basics Webinar Recording Available

A recording of the Survey Basics: Business School Questionnaire is now available for AACSB members via the AACSB Exchange's DataDirect Users Community. In the recording, Colin Nelson and Elliot Davis discuss the in's and out's of completing the survey and answer questions from those who followed along at home.

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Using AACSB Data: A Case Guide

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Within this Case Guide, you will find five examples of use scenarios for DataDirect. Each case provides a high-level look at some of the functions available to members and those who participate in AACSB’s annual surveys.

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Stay Current with the Latest Posts from the AACSB Data & Research Blog

Gender Equality and Pay Gap in Business Education: EMEA Region (Part I)
by Olga Sholderer

Within academia, women’s presence has become more prominent among faculty and students and, as we have previously reported, there are higher growth rates for enrollment into online MBA programs among women.
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Business School Activity Priorities and Faculty Gender Balance
by Colin Nelson

Today I explore associations between the business school activity priorities reported on the annual Business School Questionnaire (BSQ) by AACSB member schools, and their reported faculty gender balance.
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