AACSB Conferences for Business Educators

Connect with academic peers and industry experts in a small- or large-scale event that facilitates the best learning environment. With broad, overarching views of the global trends and issues affecting the industry, or specific, topic-based forums or symposiums, stay current on the world of management education.

2016–2017 Conference Dates

International Conference and Annual Meeting
April 23–25, 2017 | Houston, Texas, USA

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Annual Accreditation Conference: Europe, Middle East, and Africa – SOLD OUT
May 7–9, 2017 | Vienna, Austria

Redesigning the Undergraduate Curriculum
May 17–19, 2017 | Columbus, Ohio, USA

Annual Accreditation Conference: Asia Pacific
May 18–20, 2017 | Bangkok, Thailand

Co-Lab: Connecting Business Schools With Practice
June 26–27, 2017 | Haas School of Business at University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, California, USA


2017–2018 Conference Dates

Annual Accreditation Conference
September 24–26, 2017 │ Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Asia Pacific Annual Conference
October 25–27, 2017│ Seoul, South Korea

Europe, Middle East and Africa Annual Conference
October 16–18, 2017 │Malta

Associate Deans Conference
November 6–8, 2017 │ New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Deans Conference
February 7–9, 2018 │ Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

B-School Communications and Development Symposium
March 7–9, 2018 | Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Assessment and Impact Conference
March 11–13, 2018 │ Baltimore, Maryland, USA

International Conference and Annual Meeting
April 22–24, 2018 | Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Redesigning the MBA Curriculum Conference
May 9–11, 2018 | Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Annual Accreditation Conference: Asia Pacific
May 18–20, 2018 | Hong Kong