AACSB Global Conferences

Connect with academic peers and industry experts in a small- or large-scale event that facilitates the best learning environment. With broad, over-arching views of the global trends and issues affecting the industry, or specific, topic-based forums or symposiums, stay current on the world of management education.

Asia Pacific Annual Conference
October 11–13, 2015 | Xi'an, China

Europe, Middle East, and Africa Annual Conference
October 25–27, 2015 | Frankfurt, Germany

Associate Deans Conference
November 1–3, 2015 | Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Deans Conference
January 31–February 2, 2016 | Miami, Florida, USA

B-School Communications and Development Symposium
March 6–8, 2016 | Washington, D.C., USA

Assessment Conference: Driving Accountability and Innovation
March 6–8, 2016 | Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

International Conference and Annual MeetingICAM 2016
April 3–5, 2016 | Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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Redesigning the MBA: A Curriculum Conference
May 8–10, 2016 | Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Annual Accreditation Conference: Asia Pacific
May 29–31, 2016 | Singapore

Annual Accreditation Conference: Europe, Middle East, and Africa
May 29–31, 2016 | Istanbul, Turkey