"AACSB events provide unique opportunities to collaborate with academic leaders as we build upon the KPMG Foundation focus of business higher education. AACSB is a wonderful partner and clearly committed to diversity through their sponsorship of The PhD Project, and we are fortunate to share information about this successful program at these events."

—Bernard J. Milano, President, KPMG Foundation and The PhD Project

“ETS is a proud sponsor of AACSB. From comprehensive outcomes assessments like ETS® Major Field Tests to the GRE® revised General Test, which has been increasingly embraced for its powerful role in recruitment and admissions for MBA and specialized masters programs, AACSB publications and events have provided excellent opportunities to engage with the graduate management community.”

—David Payne, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Higher Education Division, ETS

“For over a decade we have been a sponsor of various AACSB events as they play a critical role in our overall business strategy. Through these sponsorship opportunities we have been able to establish the relationships necessary to successfully launch, improve, and grow our business.”

—Steven Pietsch, National Sales Manager, Bloomberg Businessweek

"BizSchoolJobs has certainly been the best website to recruit professors/researchers; the Groupe Sup de Co Montpellier Business School has had an annual subscription for several years. It is certainly the best way to use BizSchoolJobs, as you don't have to bother about billing/paying every time you post a job announcement nor about the duration of the publications anymore. …I strongly recommend this option to everybody!"

—Jean-Benoît Trosseler, Head of Faculty Human Resources, Groupe Sup de Co Montpellier Business School 

"The 2015 ICAM was a great event. …This year we had a tremendous response to the major presence we had within the show exhibit space. We came away from this year's show with many amazing conversations and projects, and we feel that this show has helped us to significantly move projects forward and to start others that weren't there prior to the show. We will definitely be there in Boston!"

—Jim Mahoney, Northeast Sales Director, University Finance Lab and Rise Display

"Our team had a very productive trip and said the event execution was flawless. We attend dozens and dozens of events each year, and trust me – they’re never this easy. For that I thank you!"

—Jackie Stoneburner, Corporate Events Manager, Royall & Company

I truly enjoyed my first AACSB ICAM experience. Things were very well run, and I had lots of good conversations with attendees.”

—First-time ICAM 2016 Exhibitor