Bridge Programs

AACSB offers two unique Bridge Programs to assist both experienced business professionals and non-business doctoral faculty with career transitions into a business school. The AACSB Bridge Program focuses on assisting experienced professionals with a transition to academia as an instructional practitioner. The Post-Doctoral Bridge to Business Program focuses on transitioning faculty members with doctoral qualifications in related, non-business disciplines to appointments in business schools. Both programs aim to assist schools with management education faculty shortages. Graduates of both programs are endorsed by AACSB International as qualified to teach as either instructional practitioners or scholarly academics. 

The AACSB Bridge ProgramThe AACSB Bridge Program

The AACSB Bridge Program helps professionals from the corporate world transition to a business school teaching career.

  • Prepares senior-level professionals for business school classroom teaching
  • More than 370 program graduates to date
  • Nearly 60% employed in a business school
  • Offered by AACSB annually at one location

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The Post Doctoral Bridge to Business ProgramPost-Doctoral Bridge to Business Programs

The AACSB-endorsed Post-Doctoral Bridge Program certifies that PhDs from non-business related disciplines are qualified to teach as business school faculty.

  • Qualifies doctoral faculty outside business disciplines as business school faculty for five years
  • More than 180 faculty to date certified as academically qualified
  • 70% employed in a business school
  • All three programs endorsed and recognized by AACSB International

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