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Mentor Onsite Training
Onsite mentor training is specifically designed for volunteers who wish to assist schools in preparing for initial accreditation. The training provides an overview of mentor responsibilities, as well as information related to the interaction with the applicant school. Areas of focus include a review of the scope of accreditation, the development and implementation stages of the self evaluation report, and responses to the recommendations that may be provided by the accreditation committees. This training is often offered in conjunction with the Associate Deans Conference.

Volunteer Onsite Training
Peer review onsite training is for individuals who are interested in assisting AACSB in its accreditation work by serving as mentor, peer review team member, and/or accreditation committee member. The training provides an overview of the different volunteer responsibilities, discusses the philosophies behind the accreditation standards, and provides a detailed description of the accreditation process. The training should be seen as an overview and introduction to volunteer duties. The actual learning is done when the first assignment is accepted. This training is often offered in conjunction with other AACSB events and is specifically useful for deans (or similar positions) of AACSB-accredited schools.

Upcoming Training:

Mentor Training- Associate Deans Conference- Americas (November 2015)

Volunteer Training- Accounting Accreditation Seminar (February 2016)

Volunteer Training- Deans Conference (February 2016)

Volunteer Training- Annual Accreditation Conference- Asia (May 2016)

Volunteer Training- Annual Accreditation Conference- Europe (2016)

    Click here to browse all available volunteer trainings within the Exchange Accreditation Volunteer Community (members only).

    Online Training
    In contrast to the onsite training, online training can be completed at your convenience. It is modular, which provides the opportunity to focus on specific areas of interest or need. The training addresses all volunteer roles, accreditation processes (Initial Accreditation and Continuous Improvement Review) and provides guidance that is useful for new and experienced volunteers. This training has been developed for a broad audience and is useful for not only volunteers, but also for schools involved in the accreditation process (both initial and continuous improvement).

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      Please Note: There is a 250 USD fee assessed to non-members who wish to access the training. Members will not be charged upon final checkout.

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      “AACSB’s online volunteer training was instrumental in preparing me for being a member of a visiting team. Having just been through a maintenance visit myself, it was very beneficial to gain a more macro view of what it means to be accredited. The online training gave me a greater understanding of the standards and what it means to have a quality business education. Many of the questions that arose in my mind were answered by the training series. The ease of use also contributed to a very valuable learning experience.”
      – L. Wayne Plumly, Jr.
      Dean, Langdale College of Business