Accreditation Volunteers

"Volunteers are at the core of what makes AACSB International successful."
—Bob Reid, Chief Accreditation Officer, AACSB International

As a peer reviewed process, the AACSB accreditation journey cannot be complete without volunteers carrying the torch. From committee members, to mentors, to peer review team members, AACSB's accreditation volunteers play a vital role in AACSB's mission to enhance management education worldwide. AACSB is fortunate to have volunteers that contribute in a variety of ways across the organization, helping to equip AACSB with the best tools and resources to share with our membership.

Within the volunteer webpages, you will find information on what volunteering is about, including the purpose, opportunities available to those interested in volunteering, along with information on training and resources. There are also highlights of achievements and milestones that celebrate our volunteers and the successes that they, schools, and AACSB have made as a result of their dedicated work.

Announcements and Updates

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Upcoming Volunteer Training:

February 10, 2016 at Accounting Accreditation Conference in Savannah, Georgia, USA
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