Redesigning the MBA

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Inside The Issue

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AACSB Comes to Jeddah in December

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The Next Level of Assessment

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Quality Business Education

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Advocating for Business Education Worldwide


  • Innovations That Inspire highlights the variety of ways that business schools are changing the face of…

  • "Companies that innovate bring diversity to the table—not just of sex and race and ethnicity, but also of backgroun…

  • "We don’t want diversity just for diversity’s sake. Diversity brings richness of ideas, creativity, innovation..."

  • "First, we need to generate some female PhDs. In my opinion, women are going to feel more comfortable in an environ…

  • "What I’ve found about mentorship is that it’s not something you can force. It’s organic. The mentor and the mentee…

AACSB’s Europe, Middle East, and Africa Annual Conference Embraces Cultural Diversity

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799 Institutions Globally Have Earned AACSB Accreditation

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