Impact on Emerging Markets through Management Education

AACSB Accreditation spans across nearly 50 countries, with a growing number of institutions earning AACSB Accreditation within countries located in emerging markets and developing economies. Not only is management education and business blossoming in regions such as Latin America, Africa, and Eastern Europe, but businesses, students, and schools in all parts of the world are taking notice of the incredible potential for talent and impact that countries within these regions have on the world of business and management education. One such country is Nigeria—home to the Pan-Atlantic University’s Lagos Business School (LBS), where Dean Enase Okonedo leads the school in fulfilling its mission for creating impact within Nigerian management education and the business communities it serves.

In this timely discussion, AACSB’s new president and CEO, Tom Robinson, and Dean Okonedo discuss the pioneering work that Lagos Business School is leading through the development of programs that cultivate mutually beneficial relationships within the local and global business communities, the challenges that LBS and schools within similar contexts face, and the unique opportunities for making impact afforded to schools in emerging regions. Not only is this an important topic for business schools within emerging and developing regions, but also for the hundreds of business schools looking to establish relationships and better understand the environment of business education within these regions.

Segment 1: A Background of Lagos Business School and Major Milestones (15:48)

Segment 2: Institutional, Talent, and Faculty Development in Africa (18:14)

Segment 3: Challenges and Opportunities Facing Africa and Emerging Regions (14:47)

Segment 4: Collaboration within the African and Emerging Region Context (8:12)

Segment 5: Looking to What’s Ahead for Management Education in Africa (9:51)