Preparing a Global Workforce

December 2015

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Highlights from this Segment

Q: What opportunities are there for schools, such as the Koppelman School, and other schools that have recently entered or are considering entering the management education space, particularly during this dynamic time for business and for management education?

A: While we’re not new to the management education environment, we’re learning what it means to compete in the AACSB-accredited environment, which enables us to reconsider how we’re educating our students and preparing them for the workforce.

  • At Koppelman, our student body comes from 140 different countries and speaks 100 different languages, so we have to think about what we need to be doing to prepare these students for a global workforce.
  • We also have to think about our current paradigms, our current models that we use to educate our students, and rethink how we might adapt them to our student body now.

Q: That’s a wonderful asset for a school to have such a diverse student body. Do you look at the student body and think about opportunities in terms of localizing their activity, coming from many backgrounds? There are so many opportunities in Brooklyn and the New York area—has that given some inspiration for opportunity locally?

A: The inspiration is actually coming from the companies here in New York and Brooklyn, because they’re making it very clear that they’re dealing with the global workforce, and they know Brooklyn College is one of the most diverse campuses in New York.

  • We need to make sure we’re preparing students for this global workforce—including teaching things like ethics, English, communications—a lot of the things that the businesses of New York are looking for to help solve present-day issues.
  • We’re engaging these businesses to come on our campus and engage our diverse student body. We have a lot of corporate employees who come to the Brooklyn College campus and act as mentors, and some of our alumni are providing funding things like student sponsorships.
  • This support has also given us an opportunity to look at the faculty we’re hiring. Students who come here want to see faculty members who can understand their background, their culture, and so on, so we sought an opportunity to hire faculty members who actually reflect our student body.