Turkish Group Recognizes AACSB Accreditation

AACSB International

Tampa, FL, USA (June 6, 2019)—The Higher Education Quality Council (HEQC) of Turkey has granted recognition to AACSB International (AACSB) for its activities in the Turkish higher education system. HEQC recognition confirms that AACSB’s accreditation standards align with the quality processes in Turkey and particularly with the European Standards and Guidelines (ESG). This recognition asserts that AACSB’s accreditation process includes an outcomes-based approach, as evidenced by AACSB’s requirements for excellence in areas relating to strategic management and innovation; student, faculty, and staff as active participants; learning and teaching; and academic and professional engagement.

Founded in 1916, AACSB is the longest-serving global accrediting body for business schools, and the largest business education network connecting students, educators, and businesses worldwide. Currently, 845 institutions across 56 countries and territories have earned AACSB accreditation in business, including three universities in Turkey. Furthermore, 189 institutions maintain supplemental AACSB accreditation for their accounting programs.

“Recognition by the HEQC validates AACSB’s efforts to facilitate a high-quality accreditation process consisting of rigorous internal focus, documented outcomes, and peer-reviewed evaluation,” said Timothy Mescon, AACSB’s executive vice president and chief officer for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. “We are honored to be included among Turkey’s authorized accrediting agencies as we support the continued efforts and achievements of business education in the country.”

Established in 2015, the HEQC is charged with evaluating quality in Turkish higher education, coordinating the processes of accreditation and quality assurance, and authorizing independent external evaluation organizations. AACSB’s recognition as an international accrediting agency in Turkey has been granted for five years, with an opportunity for renewal at the end of the period.

About AACSB International

As the world’s largest business education alliance, AACSB International (AACSB) connects educators, students, and business to achieve a common goal: to create the next generation of great leaders. Synonymous with the highest standards of excellence since 1916, AACSB provides quality assurance, business education intelligence, and professional development services to more than 1,600 member organizations, and over 800 accredited business schools worldwide. AACSB’s mission is to foster engagement, accelerate innovation, and amplify impact in business education. The global organization has offices located in Tampa, Florida, USA; Amsterdam, the Netherlands; and Singapore. For more information, visit aacsb.edu.

About Higher Education Quality Council (HEQC) of Turkey

Higher Education Quality Council is the only accreditation and quality assurance organization in higher education in Turkey by law. The three pillars of responsibility of the HEQC are the external evaluation for quality assurance of the currently 206 higher education institutions in Turkey; granting authorization to national program accreditation agencies as well as recognition of international quality assurance organizations and program accreditation agencies; and spreading the culture of and raising the awareness of quality assurance in higher education in Turkey.