AACSB Stands Against Racism and Social Injustice

Thursday, June 4, 2020
AACSB stands in solidarity with communities worldwide against racism and discrimination.

6/8/2020: This statement has been updated to more fully and accurately reflect recent events.

In response to the unjustified death of George Floyd and so many who preceded him, AACSB International recognizes the need to listen and learn from those in our community who are deeply affected by social injustices. As a global, diverse organization, we stand in solidarity with others worldwide in condemning the hateful acts against the black community, and commit to promoting educational spaces that are safe, welcoming, and inclusive.

We want to foster environments where everyone has a voice, and where that voice is heard and contributes to positive change. Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders, and as educators, we know diversity makes us stronger—as individuals, in our communities, and for a better, more compassionate society.

As an association and advocate for business education, we believe it’s important to share and amplify messages of support from other universities, business schools, and organizations. Below is a sampling:

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