Challenging Core Foundations: Exploring New Horizons and Perspectives in Business Education

AACSB members share concepts that challenged their current perspectives after attending ICAM 2018, and we invite you to join as we prepare to challenge our core foundations at ICAM 2019.

This upcoming year, AACSB’s International Conference and Annual Meeting (ICAM) will be held in Edinburgh, Scotland, from April 14 to 16, 2019. The conference will encompass the theme, “Challenging Core Foundations” Some of the brightest minds in business education, thought leaders, and expert researchers will gather to identify—and look beyond—core foundations with the objective of shifting perspectives, challenging existing beliefs, and formulating new ideas that speak to generations of future business leaders.

This past ICAM took place in April in Honolulu, Hawaii, with the theme “Connect. Discover. Lead.” Attendees gained insights on their own leadership journeys; discovered best practices related to shifting politics, financial models, and competitive markets; and were faced with the challenge to take on new directions by connecting through industry partnerships, interdisciplinary collaborations, curriculum, and more.

As ICAM 2018 drew to a close, attendees were invited to reflect on their time in Honolulu and consider how they could use what they learned to create impact before heading to ICAM 2019 in Edinburgh. Those who participated wrote their responses on postcards, which will be mailed back to them as they register and prepare for ICAM 2019.

To inspire you as you plan for ICAM 2019, here are a few responses from the postcards:



We invite you to answer these questions, as well, whether you were present in Honolulu or not. What has been the most important concept or idea that has challenged your perspective recently? Before ICAM 2019, how will you use this new perspective? Share your responses with us on social media by using #ICAM2019 and tagging AACSB’s social media handles.

Registration for ICAM 2019 in Edinburgh is officially open! Complete your registration by October 26, 2018, and you will be entered for one of five chances to win 1,000 USD back in travel expenses for the conference. Don’t miss this great opportunity—visit to register today!