Department Chairs Seminar

January 7-8, 2020 | Tampa, Florida, USA

Department Chairs Seminar

January 7–8, 2020 | Tampa, Florida, USA

Every campus is built on a wide spectrum of personalities, experience, and aptitudes. Given the significant number of university decisions that are made at the department level, it is the department chair’s responsibility to ensure that the department is cohesive, balanced, productive, innovative, and working toward the school-wide goals.

The Department Chairs Seminar delves into the roles and responsibilities of a department chair while noting some of the challenges and opportunities of the position. To create a balanced environment, it is critical that, as a chair, you encourage a cohesive academic department team by developing a performance plan with guidelines for written and oral evaluations, hiring criteria, and methods for improving morale.

The seminar provides extensive case-studies that allow you to collaboratively respond to common scenarios and discover potential solutions. By brainstorming resolutions, you will be better prepared to navigate challenges, communicate effectively, and provide thoughtful decisions in a timely manner.

Attend this seminar and discover successful strategies that will reduce resistance to change, while promoting excellence in teaching, research, and service by individuals and the department collectively.

Learning Objectives

  • Explore the roles and responsibilities of a department chair
  • Acquire best practices for workflow and time management
  • Understand the factors that are involved in the hiring and evaluation of faculty
  • Develop practical strategies for promoting teamwork and motivating faculty
  • Build the necessary skills for effective communication, conflict resolution, and decision making

Who Should Attend

Current and future department chairs and those involved with faculty management.

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