Quality Assurance Professionals Workshop

28 August 2019 | Brisbane, Australia


Amanda-GudmundssonAmanda Gudmundsson, Queensland University of Technology, QUT Business School

Amanda is Associate Dean, Learning and Teaching for the QUT Business School responsible for leading and managing the Business School’s teaching and learning strategy, curriculum innovation, student support, quality assurance and accreditation processes for the School’s triple international accreditations (AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA) as well as the local Australian agency. Her portfolio also includes support for learners and enhancing the professional development and teaching capability of academic staff.



Simon_MarshallsaySimon Marshallsay, Deakin University

As Manager, Quality, Standards and Accreditation at Deakin University, Simon has specific responsibilities for managing and coordinating international business school accreditation activities, (AACSB, EPAS, EQUIS), Faculty strategic planning and reporting, risk management and promotion of a continuous improvement culture within and beyond the Faculty. Simon also plays an active role in internal course quality controls as well as course development of across the business and law degree portfolio. In addition, Simon has held roles previously in education (secondary, tertiary, vocational and industry), quality management and auditing and public and community services.