Quality Assurance Professionals Workshop

28 August 2019 | Brisbane, Australia

Quality Assurance Professionals Workshop

28 August 2019 | Brisbane, Australia

Quality, effective and efficient operations are key supporting elements of successful institutions. They form a foundation for continuous improvement, ongoing sustainability and future competitiveness.

At the same time business schools face an ever increasingly complex and demanding network of stakeholders (domestically and internationally) seeking assurances that we satisfy their standards and are able to evidence our current and future performance. For business schools this encompasses our teaching programs, student engagement and learning, research and intellectual contributions and of course the business operations and management that makes this all possible.

Partly because the perspective international accreditation bodies bring, business schools accreditation teams often find themselves faced with managing quality assurance (QA) for their school and in doing so have a broad business understanding and be able to influence activities that occur on a broad front.

This facilitated workshop provides professional and academic staff with ‘QA responsibilities’ to further their understanding of current and emerging practices, share their experiences and insights with others and establish ways of co-creating solutions to prevailing challenges.

In addition to examining the context for QA, the role that accrediting bodies play and their influence on the way the business school operates, participants in the workshop will explore skill sets required for QA professional to be effective, identify ways in which these can be developed, and share current challenges (e.g. succession planning, broader organisational learning). Workshop activities will also provide opportunities to explore data and systems employed in recording and reporting QA-related activities, compare dedicated QA resourcing and how QA activities can be scaled across the business school and/or institute.

Case studies and examples from two accredited schools will be infused through the workshop discussions to provide insight and provoke discussion around the key learning objectives.

Learning Objectives

  • Explore the context for quality assurance in business schools
  • Identify external and internal stakeholders and their needs
  • Understand specific lenses on QA brought by accreditation agencies and how this impacts business school operations
  • Determine how quantitative and qualitative measures impact the QA narrative
  • Examine current QA tools, systems and processes
  • Explore the skills needed to be effective as a quality assurance professional and implications for this in your institution
  • Identify opportunities to enhance how QA is practised in your own organisation
  • Be able to communicate the impact and role QA has in your school/institute
  • Develop a support network for ongoing personal and professional development needs

Who Should Attend

  • People who are not currently in the accreditation team but interested in or aspiring to be a Quality Assurance Professional
  • Quality Assurance Professionals, new and experienced
  • People who serve an active role in QA implementation and documentation
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