Leading Change Successfully in the Academic Enterprise

February 9, 2019 | Vancouver, Canada

Leading Change Successfully in the Academic Enterprise Seminar

February 9, 2019 | Vancouver, Canada

Now, more than ever, the academic enterprise faces an increasingly turbulent environment that requires leaders to engage their community in continuous innovation and change. Yet, the critical task of building new capabilities remains a leadership challenge because failure occurs much more frequently than success.In this program, participants will learn a practical and proven method for leading change to build effective capabilities in the academic enterprise. The program introduces four categories of stakeholders and describes how success depends on adopting Communications, Strategies, Tactics, and Sequencing (CoSTS) that are specific for each category. Additionally, participants will learn about how to avoid critical impediments to change as well as strategies on how to recover should one of these impediments arise. The method will be will be illustrated through case suites of successful and unsuccessful change efforts in universities.

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop ability to identify and categorize stakeholders
  • Understand how to utilize varying communications, strategies, tactics, and sequencing for each stakeholder category
  • Recognize in real-time impediments to change and how to overcome them

Who Should Attend

Deans, associate deans, department chairs and those who are leading change from the middle and/or leading a strategic planning process. 

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