Assurance of Learning
Seminar I

February 8–9, 2019 | Vancouver, Canada


Kathryn Martell, College of Business, Central Washington University

Kathryn Martell (PhD, University of Maryland, BA, University of Chicago), Professor of Management, recently resigned as Dean of the College of Business at Central Washington University. Prior to her position at Central Washington, she was Dean of the College of Business Administration and Public Administration at Kean University and Associate Dean, Associate Provost and Professor of Management at Montclair State University. Before entering academia, Martell spent 12 years in Washington D.C. as a consultant, government analyst, and lobbyist. Martell is a nationally known expert on the topic of assessing student learning. Since April 2003, Martell has worked closely with the AACSB to help schools meet the Assurance of Learning standards. More than 1,000 faculty and administrators from 250 universities have attended the AACSB seminars that Martell facilitates on Assessment of Student Learning (PhD, University of Maryland, BA, University of Chicago) since 2003She is also a frequent speaker at AACSB national and regional conferences. She developed the content for AACSB’s on-line Assessment Resource Center (, and edited the 2-volume setpublished by the AACSB and Association for Institutional Research (AIR) – Assessment of Student Learning in Business Schools: Best Practices Each Step of the Way. She has provided consulting advice to more than 100 universities around the globe on assurance of student learning. (1.19)